Malware and Analysis

Octopi Labs INK and the Blacklist Collective
INK: Identify – Neutralize – Kill

IT organizations are currently at war. Fighting battles alone in the digital wilderness. With minimal intelligence, multiple fronts and little to no support – they are attempting to defend against unseen attackers and are sorely outnumbered.

To date the best solution has been layering additional barriers, one on top of the other. Unfortunately regardless of complexity of layers – the biggest threat that often cannot be guarded against is the user. Phishing emails are now the most common vector for a cyber-security breach. Users can be trained to not click suspicious links, but with the right message, timing or just sheer quantity of messages it is likely a link will eventually be clicked.

What if there was a way to preemptively analyze the threats your organization faces and shut down bad guys before they can establish a foothold in your network?

What if there was a way to fight back? What if you were no longer outnumbered and could leverage the IT community to help you man the battle stations. What if you could move up the killchain and cut off the head of the hydra? Now there is.

Join the Black List Collective and access INK – a solution designed to provide IT departments and MSPs with insights into specific attacks on their organization and robust intelligence to protect themselves from attacks seen by others.

Octopi INK leverages the Blacklist Collective members to crowd source data on attackers. Using our proprietary analysis solution INK leverages small pieces of information collected by members to create a formidable defense against malicious spearfishing attacks through a three step process.

Identify – Malware is uploaded to the INK portal by Members this can be done either manually or automatically. Octopi conducts an analysis of the weaponry and gathers threat intelligence such as IP addresses, payload characteristics, vectors of attack, command and control structure, as well as network of related IP addresses and domains being used.

Neutralize – A report on defensive implementations is provided to the uploader covering what can be done to ensure the attacked network is safe.

Kill – Intelligence gathered from discrete encounters is aggregated, analyzed, and disseminated to the collective via IP blacklists, spam filter updates, and other methods. INK updates the Collective defenses with new intelligence continuously and blocks attackers at the command and control level. Effectively removing the ability of spearfishing command and control centers to continue to operate, regardless of attack vector. Thus removing the attacker infrastructure from play. As the collective grows, so too does our ability to protect ourselves.

Join the fight. Optopi INK.
Identify Neutralize Kill