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Team Management Solutions

If you are just looking for a solution to better monitor and manage your users and equipment, our partnerships have given us access to multiple solutions to not only monitor the health of your users workstations, and your business servers, it also allows you to automate and audit maintenance, remote connect to users workstations from the client, and so much more.

This platform not only affords you complete access to manage systems and servers, and automate many processes, it allows complete auditing and reporting for patching, antivirus and web protection, backup's, and mobile device's. This allows you to demonstrate compliance for all parties, and keep proper records to be compliant with any ruling parties.

It also allows you to manage and store backup's, protect and monitor email being sent in and out of your organization, and risk intelligence showing the location of any sensitive data and vulnerabilities that may exist in the network as well as the cost of a data breach in the event one occurs. 

If you need a solution to monitor and    manage your users, we can help!     

Contact below for more details!

Monitor and Manage Desktops and Server Equipment
Automate Patching, Updates, and Installs
Full Audit and Report Capabilities
Back-Up's, Antivirus, and Web Protection Included
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