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Solutions and Virtualzation

Cloud Solutions and Virtualization offer a safe and secure way to build out your network and make it accessible virtually anywhere, offering data redundancy and backup solutions that allow work to continue even in the event of a major disaster. 

Cloud Computing differs from Virtualization, with Cloud Computing all your network resources including your server are accessed over a secure internet connection directly from your office to a cloud provider such as Amazon, or Microsoft. This allows more flexible growth, reduction in costs, and greatly reduced downtime.


Virtualization is the process of replacing actual machines with virtual ones, this allows for a better utilization of existing hardware, faster disaster response, lowered costs, and faster deployments for users. 



Which Do I Pick?

Every network situation is different, even among similar sized firms in the same industry. Both Virtualization and Cloud Computing are great solutions but its important to discuss needs to better narrow down which works best for your business needs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to better explore your business needs and find the best solution. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing and Virtualization


Increase business efficiency by using Virtualization to seamlessly add, remove, and modify machines remotely or onsite. 

Use what you pay for and reduce spending! Your expensive server hardware can do so much more than file storage and network support.

Simpler backup and disaster recovery, greatly reduce downtime, if a physical machine fails you can just bring up the virtual machine on a different device. 


Cloud Computing 

Better control costs with billing based only on what you actually use


Easily scale resources, allowing for increased flexibility and decreased downtime during growth

Access your network anywhere with Cloud Computing allowing for a flexible work environment that fits your needs. 

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