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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Legal Industry

We have had many years of experience supporting legal firms within Winnipeg and its surrounding townships. Not only has this given us extensive experience with programs like PC Law, but it has also allowed us to better understand the needs of law firms and legal associates and ensure our clients are working within legal society requirements.

Banking & Financial Services

Data redundancy and data security are paramount for anyone in the financial sector, lost or stolen data could cripple a business and it's important to have an extensive backup and security infrastructure. Making sure your computers are consistently connected is also important, we generally advise our clients in the financial sector to have a fail-over ISP in the event your primary ISP goes down.

Dental and Medical Industry 

Creating smiles and savings lives can't wait, when clients come first your computer can't lag behind, our solution helps ensure your computers are always functioning so that you can worry about more important things. We also ensure you are compliant with the Personal Health Information Act to ensure you're within regulation freeing your organization from liability. 

Unions and Tradesmen

Working hard and providing excellent service is your main concern, don't let malfunction systems and mobile devices, or lost or compromised data overshadow that. Our system works hard to protect your devices and data so you can focus on more important things.


We have moved away from projectors and whiteboards and embraced more convenient and powerful tools such as smart boards and computers. These tools not working slows if not completely stops your work day and the educations of future generations. Let us ensure your devices function and are secure so you can educate our future. 

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