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Why Choose Octopi Managed Services?


Octopi operates on a set monthly fee that is based on the number of computers
in your organization. We do not charge you for email or telephone assistance. Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable, trouble-free I.T. experience possible.


Many service providers operate on a “break-fix” model. They get paid when you have a problem and have to call them. The inherent problem with this model is that your goals (to be up and running as much as possible) and the service providers goals (to make money by fixing problems) are at odds. Our reactive approach which involves us monitoring your workstations and hardware 24/7 allows us to predict problems before they occur. This reduces downtime and allows for a more seamless I.T. Experience. 


Octopi’s solution to this problem was to develop a business model that aligns the interests of the client and the service provider. By charging a set monthly fee, Octopi and your business can realize the same goal; a reliable, secure and easy to use network.


The Octopi Process is based on the belief that data security is not just an IT business activity. Data Security requires HR policies, business processes, physical security as well as buy-in from employees at all levels of the organization. Security and IT services cannot be provided in a vacuum. Like all business activities, proper planning is key to an effective and efficient IT system. We believe that almost all problems can be effectively mitigated by following a proven process to design and monitor a system. When problems do arise, many can be dealt with remotely and only on rare occasions does a technical resource need to be deployed to your facility.


Octopi is easily integrated with existing IT support or as a stand-alone provider. We offer a host of services that are applicable for any environment, and have many solutions for a host of concerns from security, computer management, data redundancy, and more!

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