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Where To Start?

In our last blog post, we talked about the idea that anyone can be a victim of a cyber attack, or incident. In this one, we’ll dive into some of the details, which will hopefully tie things together a little.

Octopi can manage your servers, PCs, printers and many of your software systems – that’s what we do! But, what extra value can we give you to help reduce that risk of a bad day? Let’s explore that…

First of all, we’re not about ‘magic bullet’ solutions, because there aren’t any, despite what you might read in the sales and marketing emails you receive. What we are about is tailoring the right service that fits your real requirements and helps reduce your actual risk.

Good security requires a layered approach, with the idea being that you don’t rely on just one control or solution – you have several in place that when combined with each other put you in a better place.

What keeps you awake at night? Data loss, legal or financial penalties, reputational harm, or the worst case scenario, company closure? These are typical concerns all firms have (or should have!) and to one extent or another they can and in lots of cases do play out.

We talked about doing the basics right last time and that message is where Octopi can add value and help:

Email Security

We can help you with managing your email, from setting up those services, right through to ensuring that they are operated securely, including applying filtering for spam and malware, as well as more user oriented controls such as multi-factor authentication and device management.

Network Security

Octopi offers a variety of network security services, including managed firewalls and monitoring, which will limit the risk of bad traffic in and out of your network, as well as provide alerting if the bad guys do get through and start doing bad things.

Device Protection

Often the weak point in the organization, devices need to be cared for as much as anything else, whether that be a server, printer, laptop or mobile device. Octopi can provide you with that assurance that devices are kept updated with latest software, security updates and more importantly, authentication. Which helps ensure unauthorized person/s are restricted.

Threat Intelligence

It’s super helpful to understand what the crooks know about you long before they start to use it against you. Our threat intelligence services can help with that, at a really low cost overhead but providing high material value. We set it up, you get the intelligence – everything from where your email accounts have been in data breaches, through to spurious attackers setting up lookalike websites to try and impersonate you and phish your customers.

Security Awareness

As we talked about in the previous blog post, this is critical, as everything we do is we i.e. humans. If we’re equipped with the right knowledge and skills, we’ll make fewer mistakes (although they are inevitable, which is also why layered security controls are important in security). At Octopi we can offer you gap analysis services to determine your ‘people posture’, as well as technical capabilities and then discuss ways to improve them, be that through structured or informal training or perhaps, as already discussed the application of technical controls.

In Summary

We’re not here to sell you a shiny blinking box that says it’ll make all your security problems vanish. They don’t exist. We’re here because we’ve been there and solved the little challenges that ultimately add up to being in a better place. 1% gains here and there all count. Email for more information.

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