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Support and Security

We assist with consulting for current and future support implementations, and Physical and Network security. If you are planning changes in the future, or just require a road-map to get to a comfortable place with your security and IT needs we can assist.

We build out a complete Support and Security plan, we develop a disaster recovery plan, network infrastructure diagram/blueprint, a layered security approach including Physical security such as Man traps, Camera's, etc, and network security  such as a firewall, active directory rules for workstation security, proper practices seminars, etc. 


We don't just stop at hardware and software when it comes to support and security, we ensure that all users are properly educated on the use of any implemented software and hardware, but we also educate users on proper secure internet and system practices to keep their computers secure and their networks unaffected by malware, threat actors, or ransomware. 

Steps in our Consulting Process

Step 1. Initial Meeting To Discuss Needs
Step 2. Onsite and Remote Audit
Step 3. Meeting to Review Findings
Step 4. Implement Agreed Changes
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